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Nationwide Security Clearance Attorney

At Claery & Green, our lawyers have experience representing individuals in matters involving access to restricted national security information. If you are considering trying to obtain security clearance, or have already begun the process of obtaining security clearance, a skilled and knowledgeable attorney from Claery & Green can be of great assistance to you. A security clearance is a determination by the United States government that a person or company is eligible for access to classified information. Gaining security clearance is never easy and can be a highly complex legal process. A lawyer from our firm can help you with a number of security clearance issues.

Security clearance adjudication at any level can be a tricky process, and sometimes a security clearance denial is made because the applicant is not considered reliable or trustworthy enough to handle the information they may receive. A security clearance attorney can provide you with legal guidance and support during your application process, and help you file for a security clearance appeal if your original request was not granted. If you have been denied clearance for any reason, an attorney from our firm can help you schedule a security clearance hearing to appear before an Administrative Judge. This hearing must be scheduled within 15 days upon hearing the Statement of Reasons or you will lose your right to this hearing. You need advanced legal representation at this hearing to help you prepare response to statement of reasons that denied you initial security clearance. The reasons that you were denied can vary depending on your individual circumstances, but may involve a criminal record or other reasons. Regardless of your situation, a security clearance lawyer has the know-how and the resource to help you prepare application for security clearance and can assist you with SF86 document preparation.

Individuals seeking security clearance may be military officials, government employees, contractors, law enforcement, or individuals employed in a private sector. The ability to properly counsel an individual in these matters requires that a security clearance lawyer possess specialized knowledge about all relevant laws and practices. The security clearance lawyers at our firm understand that each case is unique, and that what might be helpful to one person may be detrimental to the next.

Lawyer Helping with National Security Clearance

Having representation from a security clearance lawyer will help you through every step of the process of gaining security clearance. After an appropriate organization determines that an individual needs security clearance to perform a duty or occupation, they will be given a security clearance application which will ask for a detailed account of the applicant’s life including facts about: birth, citizenship, education, employment, residences, credit history, involvement in criminal and civil litigation, military history, marriage and divorce, medical information, drug and alcohol use, association with certain individuals and foreign nationals, time spent overseas, mental health, and more.

Your National Security Clearance Attorney will help you through the process by helping you file the appropriate applications and by gathering pertinent information. No matter what your specific needs may be, your security clearance attorney will work hard to get you the results you seek. When dealing with complicated issues like security clearance, you will need unyielding legal support from a lawyer who is experienced handling such matters, and you can find this at Claery & Green.

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