Security Clearance Violations

As you know, gaining security clearance is an arduous process that takes about six months to complete. Once you have passed the background investigation and received your clearance, the last thing you want to do is lose it, but mistakes do happen.

Security clearances are not guaranteed to last forever. If someone with Confidential, Secret or Top Secret clearance is careless and they violate their clearance, not only will the error be reported immediately, but their security clearance can be revoked.

If someone with clearance commits a security clearance infraction or violation, it means that he or she breached a security regulation, procedure, requirement, or guideline. Regardless if the error resulted in a compromise, the violation is frowned upon heavily. Even if it’s minor, it will be reported, evaluated, and action will be taken.

Examples of Security Violations

Here are some examples of security violations:

  1. You forget to lock a classified file during or after normal hours.
  2. You leave a security container unattended.
  3. You keep classified material on your desk or in an unauthorized cabinet.
  4. You copy classified material without authorization.
  5. You lose your security badge.
  6. You take classified material home with you.
  7. You let an unauthorized individual have access to classified material.
  8. You discuss classified material on a phone that is not approved for a classified discussion.
  9. You discuss classified information in a public area where you can be overheard.
  10. You are sloppy with safe combinations or computer passwords by keeping them I your desk, writing them on a notepad, or keep them in your pocket or purse.
  11. You fail to properly mark classified documents.
  12. When you destroy classified material, you don’t follow the proper procedures.

Are you accused of a minor or major security violation? The significance of the accusation does not depend on the information being compromised. Instead, it depends on your intentions and attitudes toward the security breach. For professional legal assistance with your security clearance violation and possible revocation, contact the security clearance attorneys at our firm for immediate help.

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