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If you are experiencing problems with security clearance and have been denied clearance, a lawyer from Claery & Hammond, LLP can help you. As experienced legal professionals, our attorneys are extremely knowledgeable about all matters pertaining to security clearance and will know exactly how to handle your case, regardless of the details surrounding your issue. In cases of security clearance denial, your lawyer can help you make a security clearance appeal in an effort to reverse the Judge’s decision. A security clearance hearing will then be held before an Administrative Judge, and you will need advanced representation from a security clearance lawyer if you want a good chance at making a successful appeal during this time.

After being denied security clearance, your attorney will help you request a hearing that will be held in a metropolitan area near where you live or work. A DOHA Administrative Judge who will preside over the hearing and will ultimately make the decision regarding your case. Department Counsel (an attorney) represents the Government and will present evidence and arguments supporting the allegations made against you in the Statement of Reasons. Before the hearing, the Department Counsel will send you a copy of the documents that will be presented to the Administrative Judge to support the allegations in the Statement of Reasons. With the help of your lawyer, you can bring to the hearing any witnesses or written evidence that you would like to have the Administrative Judge hear or consider.

When it comes to a serious legal proceeding like a security clearance hearing, it is essential that you have adequate support from an attorney. At Claery & Hammond, LLP, our lawyers have the skill and experience necessary to effectively handle all the aspects of your security clearance hearing. With unyielding support from your attorney, you will have a much easier time during the hearing and a much better chance of obtaining a successful outcome.

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