Security Clearance: Is it Time to Make a Career Change?

When it comes to today’s workforce in the private and government sectors, it’s typical for professionals to be on the move. Job hopping may have been frowned upon 20 years ago, but today it’s normal for people to change jobs every three years, or even less. Think that going from job to job will be a negative on your resume? These days, that’s not necessarily the case and recruiters may not even blink an eye.

If you’ve been concerned about too much job-hopping in your recent past, you may be losing sight on your career. What if you don’t need to work for someone else, but what you really need is a career pivot? Perhaps you’re in the military, and now you want to transition to the private sector. Or, perhaps you’ve been in the private sector and you’re wondering if the grass would be greener if you were able to get a security clearance.

Navigating Your Career Change

You don’t necessarily need to work for a different company. A better option may be to navigate a career change. If you’ve been job-hopping and you’re getting tired of it, maybe it’s time for you to consider your alternatives. Here are some signs that it’s time to change the course of your career:

  1. You’ve had the same job title for a long time. You’re bored, uninspired, and don’t have any more room for growth.
  2. The only way you’ll be promoted is if your boss quits or is fired.
  3. As far as income is concerned, you’ve hit the ceiling.
  4. You have big dreams or ideas, but your position prevents you from doing the kind of work you really want to do.
  5. You are a civilian who is doing government work, but you can’t do the work you want to do because you’re a contractor.
  6. You want the freedom and flexibility to travel or relocate for your job, but the job you have keeps you in one place.

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If you’re seriously considering a career change, the thought of it may be stressful or even exciting, but big decisions shouldn’t be made in haste. If applying for a security clearance may change your career path for the better, contact Claery & Hammond, LLP today.