Will I Have to Give Up Dual Citizenship to Get a Security Clearance?

There are many reasons why a U.S. citizen may have dual citizenship with another county. Dual citizenship can occur as a result of a parent’s immigration, acquiring citizenship through marriage, or having a previous long-term residency abroad.

One may wonder if dual citizens are ever eligible to receive a security clearance. This is especially important if one wishes to work for the federal government in a capacity that requires a security clearance. Because someone who holds a security clearance may have access to classified or highly confidential information, it’s understandable why anyone with dual citizenship and needs a security clearance would be concerned about starting a new job or keeping their current one.

Fortunately, dual citizenship won’t necessarily disqualify someone from obtaining a security clearance. After all, there are many civil servants who actually are dual citizens of the U.S. and another foreign country. This means that you can expect to serve the U.S. federal government with a security clearance without renouncing your citizenship to a foreign country as a prerequisite.

That said, keep in mind that the following conditions could disqualify dual citizens from obtaining a federal security clearance:

  • Possession of a current foreign passport
  • Accepting any benefits (including educational medical, retirement, social welfare, etc.) from a foreign country
  • Residing in a foreign country to meet its citizenship requirements
  • Using foreign citizenship to protect one’s financial or business interests in a foreign country
  • Seeking or holding a political office in a foreign country
  • Voting in a foreign election

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