Can I Get Help with the Security Package?

Were you recently given a conditional offer of employment? If so, this may be the first time in your professional career that you have needed to undergo a rigorous background investigation, which is far more detailed than a standard credit check or employment background check.

For a lot of our clients, gaining security clearancewould take their career to the next level. Not only would it open a lot of doors, but it would be a game changer. Whether you’ve been preparing for this moment for years or for what feels like your entire life, you’ve arrived but security clearance is not guaranteed. Of course, you knew that otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this post.

Your Background Investigation

After you have been given a conditional offer of employment, you will be required to complete the applicable security questionnaire, a Standard Form 86, Questionnaire for National Security Positions, as well as a number of other required forms. It is your job to fill out the questionnaire and complete the other forms with absolute honesty and candor.

“But what if I have blemishes? What if I was arrested for DUI, filed bankruptcy, or was wrongfully accused of domestic violence or sexual assault? What if I had to enter drug rehab once or was fired for subordination?” If you have a checkered past or a less than spotless record, you have reason for concern, but it does not mean that your past will result in a negative decision, but it could.

Once you complete all the required forms, your Security Package will be submitted to the Department of State’s Office of Personnel Security and Suitability. There, the agency will review your completed security questionnaire and the other forms you submitted. Your Security Package will be reviewed for completeness and a case manager will conduct a background investigation to cover the key events in your life, from the distant past to the present. You will also have to be interviewed in person.

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Preparing for the Background Investigation

Whether or not you have blemishes in your past, you have a lot riding on this background investigation. At Claery & Hammond, LLP, our security clearance attorneys can help you prepare your Security Package, and we can help you prepare for the face-to-face interview. We have the knowledge and experience to guide you through the process so you are fully prepared from the beginning to the end. Contact us today to get started.