What if I'm Denied Security Clearance?

Suppose you’ve been waiting to be approved for security clearance. After all, obtaining security clearance can be a critical career move and what you need to take your career up a notch, to take it to the next level. But, it’s been about four months and now you learned that your application was denied.

Or, perhaps it’s been five years and your security clearance was up for renewal and for some reason, something the investigators found led them to refuse to renew your security clearance. What happens next? What recourse do you have? Before we explore your options, let’s take a look at some of the reasons why security clearance would be denied.

Reasons for Denying Security Clearance

There are a number of reasons why a person would be denied security clearance. The denial could be based on a recent DUI, a bankruptcy filing, substance abuse, mishandling of protected information, outside activities, an accusation of domestic violence, mental health issues, issues with authority, sexual harassment allegations, or other questionable conduct.

Sometimes, a denial is simply based on an applicant’s lack of honesty and candor on their security clearance forms. If the investigators discover that the applicant lied on their paperwork or intentionally withheld derogatory information, it can reflect negatively on the applicant and lead to a denial.

What Recourse Do I Have?

If you were denied security clearance or if your access to classified information was revoked during your re-investigation, all hope is not lost. You can file an appeal, but we do not recommend doing it alone. Our security clearance attorneys can help you address the negative findings that were used against you, so you can clarify or correct the information that was used to reach a negative determination.

Was your security clearance denied or revoked? To file an appeal with the assistance of a skilled and knowledgeable security clearance lawyer, contact Claery & Hammond, LLP.

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